Again, thanks for the replies. I still need to verify that. Used it under Win 3. Bloody shame if you ask me. Going to have to experiment some more to see if I can get everything running stably.

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HP Computer Museum

Bloody shame if you ask me. Nice find, and though I’ve seen one many times before, I’ve never seen one sitting next to a LX to see the family resemblance; nice shot. The exact h thing happened when I tried to do a full installation of Windows on the 1.

Don’t have an account? The resemblance is almost uncanny I noticed a door on the left side of my opposite the pop-out mousebut have yet to figure out how to get monibook there to see what’s inside.

You would likely lose the ability to adjust the omnibooi or redefine the buttons, of course. A few years ago I searched everywhere and couldn’t find anyone selling the memory cards. Or possibly go back to DOS 6. There was a new list to replace this one, but I haven’t seen any activity on the new list and not sure it is still functioning. SYS has an impact on stability, f.


Appendix C – Password Policy I’m pretty sure that was where I did it. Reset the OB and it should automatically try to set the card up and copy the files to it. The following is a link to the Archive of the old Omnibook mailing list. Thanks for the info, Bill.

HP Omnibook 430 Manuals

I omnibolk a 4GB Microdrive. Figure 6 – Removing The Memory Module Floppy Drive Problems Fortunately the techs at work had a bunch of spare linear flash cards scavenged from old Cisco routers and I was able to test a bunch until I found one that worked. It will only format the first MB.

Mass Storage Specifications You most likely will not be able to find an expansion memory card. Power Source Problems Also, is there an internal battery for the BIOS? But I would highly doubt that it would work with generic mouse drivers, since it’s actually a 2-axis analog input more akin to a joystick h.

OB Files Archive There is a great amount on info on all the Omnibooks along with many of the files required to re-install the operating system. Sometimes HP puts it next to the version number, other omnibokk it down where the model number is.


Bill, what’s your process for installing operating systems on the OB? There was hpp floppy disk drive available for the OmniBook series, but I don’t think it works with the Xenix – Use old computer again.

RARE HP Omnibook Fa W/[email protected]/4mb RAM Battery Powered Only | eBay

I’ve got a 2. Keep the lines for both mice in each file, and just comment out the one you don’t want to use. So I do not omnbook the password, and judging from the Interwebs, only HP was able to provide you with an unlock code, but they don’t know how to do that anymore.

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