I do know that I once tried a Nehemiah in a non-Tualatin board which in fact did support the needed lower voltage and it did complete post with the correct voltage applied to the CPU but I think I ran into some problem later and never bothered to try again as I had other options anyway I had regular Tualatin boards and this was just to relieve me of my curiosity. Of course they also run on Tualatin boards. Also on Apollo pro not T. Whats missing in your collections? I found that I downloaded the list from VIA’s website, so I’ll just go and copy it’s content right here.

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Acorp 6VIA83B driver

I remember reading that VRM spec for coppermines coluld go as low as 1. I have tested a 1 GHz Nehemiah on it. Also on Apollo pro not T. Or your cpu might be defective? BIOS Monitoring reports 1.

256MB Acorp Desktop 168-pin PC133 SDRAM DIMM (p/n ACORP-256MB-PC133)

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Its a grat board: Adjusted manually FSB and multiplier just in case that it helps. 6voa83b mistaken, its a 1. That is the same string used for the C3 Samuel 2 pre-Ezra it had installed previously. S Board for Nehemiah Core?


Return to General Old Hardware. I’d rather not pick the wrong board and have it crawl whenever I try to move the mouse cursor. Before finding that there were replies to my post, today, I was, funnily, doing some testing to rearrange CPUs in boards and making room for some new tualatins I got from ebay. It wasn’t very helpful though as it didn’t list which chip was compatible with which board though, but in theory Tualatin board should be compatible, but I don’t know of any way for sure.

Last edited by flufetor on Wanted to move a Nehemiah from a T board to a 1. Best Regards and luck. This site hosts no abandonware. Users browsing this forum: Some of them identified it as a PII. I can’t find the list that was on VIA’s website and at first sight it appears no other website bothered to copy it’s information. I think that the results will be useful for both posters: Use at your own risk!


Acorp 6VIA83B BIOS Update

I’ll go check if I can find that list somewhere as it might help you cut down the list of potential boards to try if the board doesn’t officially support C3. My retro rigs old topic Interesting Vogons threads links to Vogonswiki Report spammers here! At VRM capacitor output it measures 1. I’ll try to test a Nehemiah on those when I have spare time and find them.

I also think that no nehemiah revision for socket supported SMP. Also this website http: It’s not perfect, but it’s a start, hold on And BGA models didn’t implement it in any design.

There is no 1. Discussion about old PC hardware. Board index All times are UTC.